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SEA provides insights and expertise across different Envirotech sectors and foster ties with a strong network of experts and industry connections. Coupled with our assistance in technology capability development and fund raising, SEA propels SMEs towards excellent revenue opportunities and a successful growth trajectory.


SEA creates value in the 4 main aspects of:


SMEs often lack adequate working capital, do not have adequate accounting track records and/or are unable to furnish adequate securities or collaterals for loans. They lack positive project track records and face difficulty in gaining access to financing from traditional financial institutions.

One important aspect that SEA can assist is in financing. Successful SMEs candidate typically goes through the following fundraising phases:



Accelerator Fund

  • CEL
  • CEL Key Management
  • High-net-worth individual
  • Increase working capital
  • Increase paid-up capital

Pre IPO Fund

  • Private Equity
  • Family Offices
  • High-net-worth individual
  • Corporate investors
  • Improve valuation via business growth
  • Cover costs and fees for IPO 
  • Improve shareholder pedigree with reputable investors whom the capital market recognised
  • Strengthen corporate governance

IPO Fund

  • Institutional Investors
  • Hedge funds
  • Cornerstone Investors
  • Family offices
  • Retail Investors
  • High-net-worth individual
  • Raise capital for business expansion and capital expenditure
  • Create liquidity event for shareholders
  • Remove personal guarantee requirements for bank loans
  • Facilitate alternative funding avenues such as the issuance of bonds and bank borrowings
  • Reduce cost of capital
  • Listed shares can used as currency for mergers & acquisitions

Post IPO Fund

  • Institutional Investors
  • Hedge funds
  • Private Equity
  • Strategic corporate investors
  • Raise capital for business expansion and capital expenditure
  • Opportunity for shareholders to partially cashed out
  • To fund mergers & acquisitions


With technology validation by our team of advisers, experts and specialists, we ensure that new R&D technologies are feasible and efficient under real-world operating conditions. Data will be collected to determine whether targets have been met under realistic operating conditions, to provide feedback on progress, and to efficiently manage the research elements of the technologies while providing redirection as needed.

Through technology validation, SMEs can address key challenges to the development of their technologies and enable optimization.

In addition to the technical challenges being addressed through research, design, and development, there are challenges to successful implementation beyond laboratory success that needs testbed sites to develop and refine the technologies. SEA facilitates access to ideal testbed sites via CEL’s network of projects and linkages via our supporting partners and business associates. This allows SMEs to testbed their new technologies in actual industrial settings and prepare them full-scale application.

SMEs can tap on to the experience curve with expert mentoring and gain industry insights to create competitive advantage and shorten the lead time to market.


Many SMEs find themselves faced with multiple barriers in trying to penetrate the market and scale their businesses. Markets are inimical to SMEs as they lack adequate successful track records.

Candidate SMEs will have the opportunity to bid for CEL’s own projects, projects from the CITIC network as well as referrals by CEL, the advisers and supporting partners. Endorsement by CEL and/or our advisers will greatly improve the credibility of the SMEs and aid in securing projects.

SEA provides the catalyst for expanding sales and entering new markets. With our assistance, SMEs has a greater chance at achieving business success with ready customers.


SEA plays a pivotal role guiding SMEs towards scaling up for regional expansion and beyond.

Together with renown industry experts, SEA advices key management to keep them updated to market information and practical issues.

We work with SMEs on risk management, technology transfer and deployment and gives recommendation on improving the business portfolio and business value. SMEs benefit from our input on resource allocation, setting financial and operating targets and alignment of the management team on its strategic priorities.

Through our network, SMEs can also be connected with suitable talents to elevate the internal capabilities of the company and have a positive impact on their future business performance.

SEA brings the right people together, facilitates key strategy conversations, conducts strategy, technical and business reviews, makes recommendations and enables transformation.